3 Signs It’s Time to Serve a Tenant Eviction Notice – 印第安纳波利斯 Landlord Advice

在快乐8网站今天的博客上, we are taking a few moments to talk about three specific events that tell you it’s time for an eviction. Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of when it’s time to get rid of your problem tenants.

It’s pretty clear that you need to evict a tenant who is not paying rent or is slow to pay every month. 房东经常问快乐8网站,他们应该等多久才能开始这个过程. 你必须马上开始,这很重要. 不要等到30天之后才开始驱逐. 如果5号交房租,6号还没交, send out a letter letting the tenants know that the lack of payment won’t be tolerated. 在这种情况下,如果你要驱逐租户, it’s important that you understand whether you should be taking any money from them or not. If they want to pay half this week and half next week, it’s not a good idea to immediately agree. This can mess up your eviction process and you should only accept partial payments if the tenant really wants to make the situation whole. 问问你自己,这个房客是不是你想继续和他做生意, 或者断绝关系是不是更好.

另一个驱逐的好理由是你的房客违反了租约. Maybe a tenant has moved in an additional person or a pet that was unexpected and not approved. 同样,你必须立即采取行动. Let them know you are aware of the situation and that they need to remedy it, 否则就会采取行动. 保持一致是很重要的. 如果你有几个单位或多个属性, 在各方面保持一致,否则你会把自己置于责任之下.

驱逐的原因有点微妙. Perhaps your tenants are not maintaining the property the way you expect them to. It’s possible they are not changing the furnace filters regularly or keeping the gutters clean. Maybe they are a nuisance in neighborhood – they could be throwing parties all the time and generating police activity. This will affect the value of your property and your standing with the neighbors in your community. 提前详细说明你的期望是很重要的. 印第安纳物业管理集团, we have tenants who are moving into a property sign a six-page maintenance addendum that spells out their responsibilities.

物业管理不一定是可怕的. 房地产是一项极好的投资,可以改变你的退休生活. Partnering with a professional property management company can reduce your stress level and keep your investment more profitable.

如果你对驱逐有任何疑问, 请通过印第安纳物业管理集团快乐8官网, 快乐8网站很乐意告诉你更多.


We are talking today about the new 印第安纳波利斯 Landlord Registration ordinance that went into effect January 1, 2015. 印第安纳波利斯 has followed the lead of several municipalities around the country and is now requiring property owners and investors to register in their system each year. 成本是5美元,每个业主是5美元. So if you have four properties you need to register and you do them all at the same time, 它将花费你5美元. If you go in and register them each individually, it will cost you $20 or $5 per registration. 有两种方式登记你的财产. 你可以去法规执行办公室. 他们在大厅里设了一个报刊亭,你可以在那里登记. 另一种选择是在线注册. 每处房产大约需要5分钟的时间,这并不难. 网站的链接在这里:http://permitsandcases.印第.gov/citizenAccess/ When you go to register, make sure you have a parcel number for each of the properties you are going to register as well as the number of units on each parcel. Then, they will want the contact information for the individual responsible for each property.
在今天的博客, we’re talking about three things you can do to help minimize the damage to your 印第安纳波利斯 area rental property. Setting Expectations The first and most important thing to do is to set clear expectations for your tenant up front. 如果你是教练或家长, 你可能已经注意到,孩子们通常都能满足你的期望, 它们是高是低. 当他们知道你想要什么,他们就会给你提供. 租客通常都是这样, so it’s important to let them know that you have high expectations for how they will care for and treat the property while they’re living there. Documentation Documentation is always important. When the tenants move in, let them see you document every inch of that property. 快乐8网站建议您在入住时至少拍100张照片. Shoot a video as well that details the condition of the home’s interior and exterior. 有房客在旁边吗. 然后,你的佃户就会明白这对你有多重要. 也有详细的清单吗. Ours is six pages long, and we walk through the unit with the tenant and go over it, line by line. Have the tenant sign the checklist at the end so the condition is documented and everyone agrees how the property looks. Inspections Periodic inspections are important in protecting the condition of your home. 你最好一年或每季度去两次. 当您进入属性内部时,您可以看到事情是如何进行的. 有时候你可以在大问题还很小的时候就抓住它, 这样可以为你节省一大笔维护费用. 如果你有一个你信任的承包商,并与之有良好的关系, have them observe things when they’re there to take care of repairs or issues. 房东来访时,房客们总是举止得体, 但是当一个小贩过来的时候, 他们通常能看清事情的真相.
Today we are talking about the three areas to focus on if you want to get your property rented quickly in the 印第安纳波利斯 area. 房租准备好了 第一个, you need to pay attention to the inside and the outside of the house and make sure it is rent ready. 室外的景观也不必花哨华丽, 但必须是干净的, 修整和保养良好. Your property’s exterior should make people want to get out of the car and come into the house. Once those potential renters are inside, they want to see clean carpet and freshly painted walls. 你需要有闪闪发光的电器. 厨房和浴室必须特别一尘不染. 这些都是潜在租户的热点. Marketing Once the property is ready for the rental market, 你需要让人们知道它是可用的. You do that by strategically marketing the property to as many potential renters as possible. 目前最热门的获取线索的方式是通过在线广告. 当你在网上列出租房清单时,你的房子很快就会被填满. 有三四个网站真正推动了流量, and we get leads in from dozens of sites; some we’ve never heard of. Follow Up Once leads are generated and you’re getting requests for information from people looking for rental homes, 快速跟进. It has become so easy for prospective tenants to make inquiries on multiple houses within a matter of minutes. 他们一次可以问10到15个房子. 你想成为